To commemorate International Restorative Justice Week 2014, CURB President Adrian Alexander conducted a sensitisation session on restorative justice and restorative practices for a local primary school.

Acting upon the request of a teacher who expressed concern over the behaviour of a pupil, Mr. Alexander was able to speak with staff and parents about the benefits to be derived from restorative practices. Those benefits would enable staff to inculcate pro-social behaviour in the classroom or school environment while using restorative techniques to repair harm caused by at-risk behaviour or reintegrate pupils who might need to be separated from the school population for high risk behaviour, etc.

CURB encourages the Ministry of Education to ensure that in every education district, school staff and student support services staff are exposed to training in restorative practices.

It is evident from what has been happening globally (and with the Department of Education in the USA earlier this year) that this philosophy is the way of the future in addressing behavioural challenges in educational settings.

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