There are some very interesting proposed changes to the UK criminal justice system included in the recently announced Criminal Justice and Courts Bill.

Some of the clauses which may well be helpful in our jurisdiction include reforms to ensure that criminals are punished properly, with the scrapping of automatic early release for terrorists and child rapists. Sentencing loopholes will also be closed.

Other points of interest are:-
•Ban the possession of explicit pornography that shows images depicting rape. It is currently illegal to publish this material, and the new legislation will close a loophole to also prevent possession.
•Stop criminals receiving cautions for serious offences, and for less serious offences stop them receiving a second caution for the same, or similar, offence committed in a two-year period.
•Create four new criminal offences of juror misconduct to ensure fair trials and prevent miscarriages of justice.
•Put education at the heart of youth custody by introducing secure colleges, a new form of secure educational establishment for young offenders.
•Support economic growth by speeding up the Judicial Review process with measures to drive out meritless claims and get rid of time-wasting delays.